1. Older pets are often calmer and already housebroken:

Which means your new pooch or kitty is most likely to be potty trained and has mastered the basic commands such as “sit”, and “stay”. Adopting an already-trained dog will save you a lot of time and energy that you’d normally have to dedicate towards training a young dog.

2. Senior pets may be easier for newbies

Older pets may also work well for first-time pet owners. As any pet owner knows, having a pet is a big investment in terms of time and involves a great deal of patience . For people who haven’t handled a commitment like that before, it may make sense to adopt a senior pet that is more independent, which will make the initial settling much easier, than a young pup.

3. They are patient towards children

Older dogs can be especially tolerant and soft towards children. If they have a painful condition like arthritis they may not like being pushed physically, but if they’re generally healthy they can be a great match for kids without being a hazard to them.

4. Old Dogs Do Learn New Tricks

That may go against what you’ve heard in the past, but it’s true.
Dogs can be trained at any age.

5. What You See Is What You Get

While everyone loves a puppy, puppy personalities are not fully evolved until they are two. With that can come some surprises in personality or behavior. Senior dogs are fully developed and their personalities are readily obvious.

6. Senior Dogs adjust as well as pups to their new home

Many assume that a senior dog cannot ‘adjust’ or love you as much as a pup will.

But ,ask those innumerable families who have adopted a senior pet, and you will be surprised to hear their stories.

Senior Pets, with the right amount of understanding, patience & love, will open up to you, with the same enthusiasm as a puppy, eventually, embracing the new name you bestow on them as well as their new life with amazing ease. Eventually, the only regret you’ll have, is why you didn’t bring them home earlier.

7. The pure joy in adopting an older dog/cat

The privilege of loving an older dog/cat can make every day special. For those reluctant to consider a senior because the possibility of a painful loss seems closer, remember that life offers no guarantees. Quality of time together matters so much more than quantity.

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