Crazy Desi Day

September 14, 2013 at 10:00 PM

September 14th was a big day in Charlie’s life. This was the day he met his friends from the Crazy Desi World – the Crazy Desi Gang. Together, in a brilliant, witty and adorable series of cartoon book, illustrated and authored by the irrepressible and highly talented Ananth Shankar, they will take readers through the average Indian’s perspective on Travel, Food and Shopping.

And how best to launch the books than at the CARE Shelter among Charlie and his friends. It was a delightful evening with Ananth and his co author Nidhi Jaipuria regaling the audiences with his witty takes on humans. The highlight of the day was when the audience was invited to come up and draw a line, any kind of line – straight, squiggly, curved on a wall, choose their favorite animal and watch Ananth convert the line into just that!

It was amazing to watch the line come to life before our eyes transforming itself into a dog, cat , horse, tortoise, elephant , donkey – just about anything! People made a beeline for the books and that was good news for us because each book sold was a donation to CARE.

The books are available at the CARE shelter for a donation of Rs.300 per book or Rs.1200 for the entire set of 4 volumes.

Future Events

Our future events include fund raisers in colleges, corporate like cake sales, garage sales etc

We plan on having adoption drives every few months.

Charlie and the Crazy Desi gang of animals will also take themselves to the city’s hotspots, with a lot of help from Ananth Shankar and his group, to promote sales of the books.

The CARE Crazy Desi merchandise will also be available soon for all CARE fans.