The CARE Animal Rescue Van functions from 9am to 5pm at present. The service caters to the sick, abandoned, injured animals in Bangalore city. If you see an animal in distress you can call the Helpline numbers 9483911110/69999372. CARE is in the process of building up a network of volunteers or "CAREGIVERS" who will liaise with the Rescue van and the caller to ensure speedy pick up and minimum trauma to the animal.

Healthy abandoned cats ,kittens, dogs, pups and other animals brought to the CARE Shelter will be put up for adoption once they are vaccinated, de-wormed, neutered/spayed and certified by the veterinarian. People who wish to adopt animals from the shelter will have to undergo a mandatory counselling session, fill in a form, and submit identification and address proof. There are no charges for adoption but any donation made will go towards supporting the activities of the Shelter.

The animals for adoption come from many sources, some given up by their owner, some left to fend for themselves on the streets. Each animal is evaluated by the vet, behavioral assessment done and only then is it put up for adoption.

For all animals lovers who cannot keep a dog or a cat as a pet for various reasons like the apartment rules don’t permit it or there are persons with allergies in the family, your work schedule does not leave room for a pet etc, we have just the solution for you – Passive Adoption. The Care Shelter is home to about 20 doggies and 3 cats who are the ‘permanent residents’. Each one of them has a history of suffering and pain at the hands of a human being from which they emerged strong and more determined to face life with WAGs and Licks. All it takes is a small donation of Rs. 500 per month and you can choose to “foster” any of them. In return you get to spend quality time with them, bathe them, pamper them with treats of your choice as well as regular updates about their health status. You will also be entitled to CARE merchandise created on your foster pet.

Some of the animals available for Passive Adoption are:


Hero was adopted from the CUPA Shelter. About 10 years ago he was brutally dragged on the streets tied to a speeding van till his underbelly ripped open, his paw pads bled and his nails fell out. And all this for expressing his displeasure by growling when he was threatened by “humans”! But that didn’t beat his spirit and with the love and care he received at CUPA, he soon healed and lives a life of dignity at CARE. He is an example of courage for all of us. Recently he was diagnosed with a heart ailment which requires him to be on special medication. He is 14 years old.


Sweet loving Joiney is the most gentle dog you have ever seen. She lost her hind leg in an accident but nothing can stop her gentle nature. She spends her day at the CARE Shelter mostly sunbathing in a quiet corner and never gets into other doggy issues.


A plump golden brown package of mischief, Twinkle is also 3 legged and has the most beautiful expressive eyes.


Found by a caring volunteer Kelly, broken and bruised in an accident, Bana was nursed back to health by Kelly and her friends. The impact of the accident left Bana a paraplegic and now she shuttles around the shelter with a mischievous gleam in her eye, ready for some fun.


The cuddly black and white woolly ball of fur hurtling around the shelter with the wind in his hair and a smile on his face is Ramaiah or Ramu for short. Loves people, loves treats, loves life.


Scooby is basically a loner. Maybe the tragic accident in which he lost a limb and an eye made him that way. You won’t find Scooby doing mischief, spoiling furniture or dirtying the shelter. He will be in his favorite corner watching the goings with his customary dignity.


Another one eyed, three legged doggie, Ravi can be very vocal if you ignore him.. His black and white curly coat gives him a very endearing look. Sweet tempered and loving Ravi really needs a sponsor to love and care for him.


Named Hitler because of his distinctive mustache and colouring, he is a very sassy kitty with a mind of his own and will never allow you to touch him. Hitler’s coat literally glows!


Fat round Oskie, as we call him, is white in colour with multicoloured patches. Loves food as is very evident from his size, and loves getting new toys which he will spend hours playing with. Oscar and Hitler are inseparable and have been together for the last 5 years.


Kush forms the 3rd member of the CARE KITTY TRIO. A cat lover’s delight, Kush loves being cuddled and will sit on your lap purring away, looking up at you occasionally with eyes full of kitty love. Pure kitty heaven!

We at CARE believe in the maxim – START YOUNG. That’s why we conduct regular education ‘camps’ in schools for young children. Children are tomorrow’s adults and they will shape the future of our country. We want them to become compassionate adults who respect all sentient beings. The topics range from kindness to animals, pet care, responsible pet ownership and includes sessions with Charlie the CARE mascot. We also conduct tailor made talks to corporate organizations etc on animal welfare and how they can contribute to the cause.

For further enquiries contact us on 9483911110/69999372

This is one of CARE’s specialized projects. The activity revolves around Charlie a 3 legged Indian dog who has been doing animal assisted therapy since 2005 working basically with specially abled children, mainly children with autism. Canine Therapy uses dogs to promote good health, a sense of well being and to improve motor and functional skills. Since dogs are accepting, comforting and mainly non judgmental, the therapy is very effective in specially abled children. Charlie works with the children of Kara4Kids at Indiranangar, Bangalore. The sessions are tabulated and analysed for future reference. Charlie sits with the children, allows them to brush him, listens to their stories, they sing for him, make craft work for him and at the end of the session, they give him milk to drink. All this inculcates a sense of responsibility in the children. As per the norms of animal assisted therapy, each session last for about 40 minutes so as not to tire Charlie out.

The CARE AShelter has the facility to house about 25 dogs and 15 cats that are admitted as Inpatients. These could be cases brought in by the CARE Rescue Van or directly admitted by the owners/guardians. The animals are housed in steel cages which are kept scrupulously clean to avoid infections. Once they recover and are ready to go home they will be discharged. At the time of admission each animal is given a unique Hospital number which it retains until it is discharged.

What do you do when you have to go away on a holiday or a business trip and cant your dog or cat along? Care has just the answer for you. The CARE Shelter has 10 well lit, spacious hygienic Boarding kennels for dogs and 9 spaces for cats.

The dog Boarding Kennels face a play area where your doggy will be allowed to run around and play for a few hours everyday. This activity is supervised by a dedicated attender. No two dogs are allowed outside together unless they are from the same home. Each Boarding Kennel is named after a famous cartoon dog like Spike, Odie, Pluto, Scamp etc. High standards of hygiene are maintained and the food given to your dog is exactly as you would give him/her at home.

The cat boarding spaces are unique and each cat has an individual scratching post, cozy bed and litter tray.